Copacabana SLSC and KoWorks have teamed up to provide a flexible & affordable remote working experience for the local community within the Copacabana Surf Club.

What is KoWorks?

KoWorks is a network of flexible & affordable remote-working communities by the beach. They turn under-utilised Surf Lifesaving Club facilities into thriving community KoWorks Spaces.

Why was KoWorks created?

Copacabana SLSC is seen as the hub for the Copacabana Community. We wanted to create a place for the broader Copacabana community to feel at home, accepted, comfortable, productive and at ease. We want friendships to grow and to create a location that is a safe place for ideas to be shared and for visions to come to life.

When is KoWorks available?

Available from 9:00am - 5:30pm Tuesday - Friday.

How can I get involved?

KoWorks at Copa SLSC offers flexible pricing to suit your remote working lifestyle;

- Casual Day Pass - $25/day

- 10-Day Pass - $150 ($15/day)

- Monthly Unlimited $200 ($9.50/day)

Download the KoWorks App to book your desk:


Google APP

Find out more at:

Our partnership together was featured in

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