Seniors include all members who fall into the following age groups:

U14    (completed the Surf Rescue Certificate & 25 hours of Patrol)

U15    (born on or after 1 October)

U17, U19 and OPEN Ages

The Club is committed to increasing the number of Senior members. If you’re new to our club, and would like to be an active patrolling member, then please contact the Director of Life Saving.

As a senior member of the Club, you’re expected to be responsible with your patrols. It’s a requirement that you hold, and re-qualify annually, your Bronze Medallion, as a minimum. You are encouraged to gain other Surf Life Saving Awards. We have an excellent program for study of awards and a great team to guide you along the way.  Many of these awards are certainly an asset to have on your resume!



Senior members do not have to compete at Carnivals. Many surf life savers engage in regular competition to maintain their skills and fitness. These carnival competitions are held at club, regional, state, national and international levels.  Competition is both fun and fierce, and conducted in the highest standard of sportsmanship, as is befitting of surf life savers regarded by many as pillars of the Australian community.

All competitors and their clubs agree to compete according to the Surf Sports Code of Conduct as set out in the SLSA Surf Sports Manual.  These rules apply to all members who wish to compete at Local, State, Aussie or any other carnivals.  Most apply to every member, regardless of their competition status. It includes U14 members who wish to compete in U15 competitions, U15, U17, U19, Open and Masters Members.

You must be proficient, i.e. hold the appropriate award.

        U15: Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC)

        U17, U19, Opens and Masters: Bronze Medallion

        March Past participants: Either SRC, ARC or Bronze Medallion

  • You must renew your proficiency award (commonly known as ‘Requal’) each season, before December 31.
  • You must complete a minimum of 25 PATROL HOURS in each calendar year.   These hours should be done on your rostered patrol. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule and SLSNSW do random checks!
  • You must be a financial member of the Club. You cannot compete at ANY carnival until you have paid your annual membership fee as you are not covered by insurance until you do.
  • If you are rostered for patrol on a competition day, you MUST arrange a substitute. Patrolling the beach is always our core responsibility.
  • It is your responsibility to let the Club’s Senior Teams Manager know which carnivals you wish to enter and to make sure you pay your entry fee by the due date.  Information about events/competitions will be advertised on the Competition Notice Board so please check it regularly.
  • Club competitors must wear the Club competition cap. These are available for purchase at the Uniform Shop on Sunday mornings during Nippers.
  • Most of all HAVE FUN and compete fairly.
  • Carnival dates are found on the  NSW SurfLife Saving Surf Sports Calendar or the clubs Surf Sports Calendar