Rookie Program

Program Objective

The program aims to provide participants with the basic skills and knowledge required in preparation for becoming senior surf life savers.  The program exposes participants to the everyday workings of actual patrols, community-focused activities and further surf life saving training courses.

Aims of the Rookie Lifesaver Program

  • Develop the hand on surf lifesaving skills of young members
  • Provide a transition and bridge the gap between the nipper and senior lifesaving
  • Provide a structured career path in surf lifesaving
  • Develop strong ties between Senior and Junior Members as a result of involvement in this programme.
  • Club patrols will become more efficient as patrol members become involved with the development of juniors whilst on patrol.
  • Understand the surf lifesaving philosophy
  • Encouragement to complete the Surf Rescue Certificate, and ability to gain the Bronze Medallion (Cert II Public Safety – Aquatic Rescue).
  • Have fun!

Who can be a Rookie?

  • Registered members eligible to participate in the Under 13 and Under 14 age groups
  • Rookies do not have to participate in carnival competitions, or be a Nipper
  • Rookies must gain their pool proficiency swim (200m freestyle in less than 5 minutes); complete a run-swim-run at the beach (100m-100m-100m); and complete their required surf education. Surf education is usually conducted over several Sunday mornings at Nippers.
  • U13 must complete Surf Education plus the Basic Resuscitation Certificate
  • U14 must complete the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC).

Code of Conduct

Participants are expected at all times to be courteous, respectful and cooperative to everyone with whom they come into contact when participating program and Club activities. This applies not only to activities on the beach but to any situation in which rookies are representing the program or wearing the rookie uniform.


Duties and Patrols

To successfully complete the two (2) year program, participants must undertake the following activities under the guidance of the Club Captain and the Rookie Coordinators:

  • Complete a minimum of twenty (20) hours of beach patrol. Twelve (12) hours of this MUST be completed before  December 31
  • Undertake training and courses as requested by the Club Captain and Rookie Coordinators
  • Participate in club, sponsor and community activities as requested, for example, help at BBQs, functions and fund raising activities


What do Rookies need?

Participants will be presented with a patrol uniform (shirt and shorts), broad brimmed hat, and a handbook. This will contain the necessary information as well as charts and checklists to complete to ensure participants learn all facets of surf life saving.  Rookies can choose which Patrol they join (they can do patrols with other Rookie friends!)


Lots of Fun!!

Rookies have lots of fun and make new friends along the way. There are heaps of activities to attend like the Rookie Sleepover, pizza & movie nights, overnight camps, discos, stand-up paddle boarding, etc, etc, etc.

Let us know what you would like to do!  Also think of the type of fun equipment you’d like to see/use at the Club. No one will say no if money is raised to buy it!

Contact Person: Sue Baker