Brick Sponsors

The financial generosity of the individuals, families, businesses and associations listed below greatly assisted the club during it's redevelopment.  On behalf of all past and current members, please accept our sincere thanks and gratitude.

Brick Sponsors
Brick Sponsors
 Copacabana Community Association Bonnie Hawkins
 B&J Atkins, C&M Waters Yeend Family
 Bartley Family Anders Family
 Robert Baxter Roy & Rae Easton
 Bennett Family David Minicucci & Brenda Smith
 Helen & John Drew John Ivan Mihalic
 Fallon Family K, J, S & N Mitchell
 Finnelley Family Featherstone Family
 Fletcher Family Copacabana Neighbourhood Watch
 Robert & Debbie Price & Family Bourke Family
 Freer Family Ian & Glen White
 Gahan Family Mitchell Family
 Doug & Shirley Gill Dorothy & Alan Hare
 Glovasky Bruce & Judy Simmons
 Duignan Family Miller Family
 Harvey Family John & Angela McManus
 Brooks Family Jeff, Vicki, Prue & Kurt Stevens
 Killen Family Favaloro Family
 King Family Elaine Odgers Norling
 Tim Lemin Hardiman Family
 Lynch Family Sue Van Den Broeke
 MacAlpine Family Richards Family
 Mattes Family Stone Family
 Pavett Family Sutton Family
 Perry Family Seisun Family
 Burgess family Terra Forza P/L
 Walsh Family Denholm Family
 Sydney Carstensen-Hoehn Chriswell Family
 Lucca Carstensen-Hoehn Tinworth Family
 Robert & Margaret Hall S.J. & K.A. Ford
 Molloy Family 
 Max & Carol Olde 
 McIntyre Family 
 Chris & Rosemary Kelly 
 McNamara Family 
 Ian & Lyn Stephenson 
 Dallas Mulhall 
 Cameron Family 
 Duursma Family 
 GR & BJ Evans 
 Donnie Sutherland OAM 
 Team Delta 
 Bill & Lee Newcombe 
 Les & Doreen Hewitt 
 Richard & Di Pocock 
 L'Estrange Family 
 Malcolm & Barbara North